May 2024 Commission Deposit


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Please note that this deposit is consistent for all commissions, regardless of their size, and contributes to your overall balance!

The Process

  • Choose the right size to accommodate your space. Send photos of the area and surrounding that you wish to display your new piece.
  • Choose three main colors that speak to you and flow in your space.
  • Decide on composition. Is there a particular scape that speaks to you or a landscape that has meaning to you and your family? ​

Examples of content: Landscape, Seascape, Farm scape, Tree lines, Aerial scape, Abstracts ​

Commission Pricing for 2024:

24x30:   $1,500

30x30:   $1,700

30x40:   $2,000

36x48:   $2,500

40x60:   $3,200